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32 Unexpected valentine’s Day 2021 Date Ideas

With valentine just around the corner, love is truly in the air. Thus, the pertinent question these days is: Just how to celebrate valentine’s day in a manner that is completely unforgettable? We will be sharing with you 32 completely unexpected ways to celebrate it to make it the most memorable Valentine’s Day Date yet.


  • A virtual Wine tasting event via zoom

With quarantine these days, a special wine tasting in person doesn’t sound practical or even safe so why not take advantage of online wine tasting sessions on zoom? Treat your significant other to a special session they won’t be likely to forget.


  • Arranging a drive-through movie night

One can’t go wrong with a romance movie on Valentine’s and a drive-through movie night just makes it all a bit more special. Look up your nearest drive-through cinema, look up the movie schedule and pin the date.


  • Attending a virtual chocolate class together

Chocolate is the language of love. Why not learn to craft your own special chocolate through a virtual chocolate making class? You can treat you loved on to sweet goods and serenade them through this timeless language of love.


  • An out-of-town retreat

A get-away is a fail-safe option for a special date and a valentine’s day retreat is just that much more special because you and your significant other spend it together.


  • A special Spa Day at home

Self-care is self-love so you can’t go wrong with a spa day date at home. Pamper your significant other with a special valentine’s spa session at home to ensure social distancing and safety.


  • One on one dance party for two

Dancing is always fun but does make sure your partner enjoys moving to the music before setting up the date. Then put on your dancing shoes and be ready to rock together.


  • Karaoke night

Serenading your loved one vocally has been popular throughout the ages. Songs sung by your special person are bound to be memorable so a karaoke night would be a great option. However, do make sure your vocal cords are up to the task.


  • Charity work to give back

Charity is giving back to others less fortunate so it is a good way to ensure that the day is memorable. Plan the charity work out and collaborate together to ensure others also get a chance at happiness due to your combined efforts.


  • Crafting a DIY at home

Crafting a Do it yourself at home project is bound to make the day special. Be it a card or a poster, you can’t go wrong with this idea. So research the DIY, get the material, note down the steps, and get ready to craft. If your partner is an amateur craftsman, all the better.


  • A thrilling car racing park session

There is a thrill in speed so arranging a car racing session at a car park would be a unique and unexpected date idea. do be sure to abide by the rules and do check whether your significant other is fond of speed before picking up an appointment.


  • A Bonfire to light up the  night

Why not arrange a bonfire for two to warm yourself up? And if you can toast marshmallows together on the bonfire, that’s a special bonus. Plus, there is the added benefit of firelight being a romantic background so it’s a fail-safe all around.


  • Roller skating

Roller skating is love on wheels. Arrange the session if you’re good at it so go ahead. do be sure you guys aren’t afraid of falling together and then picking yourself up. It’s a good activity to have fun and just plain enjoy time spent together.


  • Making care packages for Covid-19 affecters

In these hard times, making care packages for Covid-19 affecters is a good idea to celebrate this day of love not only for yourselves but also for others. Giving back to society especially Covid-19 affected individuals will make you value each other’s presence all the more.


  • A one day vacation at a special hotel

Everyone loves a vacation. But a vacation at a fancy hotel for the day and night with your lover makes it all the more special. Plus, the time away will do your relationship a world of good.


  • Preparing that special charcuterie board

Prepare that assortment of cheeses and chocolates and arrange it aesthetically to make it all the more appealing. With food, you just can’t go wrong.


  • A social distancing complaint picnic at the park

If your area regulations allow, why not arrange a social distancing compliant picnic in nature in your nearest park? Nature has a peculiar way of bringing us all together and appreciating our strengths and qualities.


  • Indoor camping for quarantine times

If you live in an area under lockdown, don’t despair. You can go the extra mile and arrange for indoor camping.  A night under artificial stars is as good as the real thing with the right person.


  • Putting up Valentine’s day tree

Why not seek inspiration from Christmas and set up a special valentine’s day tree complete with hearts and glitter? Pick up the pink net and pink hearts and let your inner artist go free. Here’s to happy tree decorating!


  • Watching the sunrise together

You can’t go wrong with this one. Sunrise is a special and beautiful time and watching it together makes it all the more memorable because of its uniqueness. The day just beginning will make you value the time together all the more.


  • Watching the sunset together

Similarly, the sunset together is a splendid idea. Looking at the day’s end and the sunset with your lover will just cement your feeling at a greater depth as Nature is a great reminder of your mortality and fleeting time.


  • Movie night at home

If a movie at the cinema is out, why not have a movie marathon at home? Movies of romance genres are full to the brim, choose one and you’re set to go.


  • Recreating that special first date

Why not choose to recreate that special first date? The moment you both felt those feelings and decided to embark on your relationship? It is bound to be appreciated by your partner.


  • Planning a virtual tour

With Corona in the air, you can always choose the safe way and spend it at home by taking a virtual tour of museums and heritage sites on offer these days?


  • Taking a hike

Time spent in nature is always a good idea and a valentine’s day hike will be an unexpected date idea too. So take a hike together, work together and it will bring you closer to each other.


  • Making a special moments scrapbook

We all enjoy remembering our special times together so why not commit those memories to paper in a scrapbook


  • Breakfast or brunch in bed

Pamper your partner with breakfast in bed. If it’s late, you can always skip ahead and serve brunch. So prepare that tray and be prepared to impress. Research your partner’s preference before proceeding and it will be a smashing success.


  • Going for a long drive

An unexpected idea due to its very simplicity is a long drive together. It’s fail-safe and bound to be special so go ahead. S what are you waiting for? The plan that drives.


  • Play hooky for your special person

If you’re due to work on this day, why not play hooky and visit your significant other? It’s bound to make them feel valued and all the more special. Time spent together illicitly is always more memorable.


  • Cooking a special dinner together

Serving your partner food is a good idea but you can always go a step further and cook dinner for two together because what you do together is always better.


  • Write a romantic love letter to your significant other

The activity of the bygone era, why not gift your significant other with an actual hand-written love letter? It can be an enlightening and bonding experience in this age of the internet and instant messaging.


  • Setting up a treasure hunt

If you’re the adventurous type, Set up a treasure scavenger hunt for yourself and your partner with clues and prizes all lading up t each other. It’s a great way to spend time together.


  • Spending quality time together!

If all else fails and you’ve got nothing planned, the best and most unexpected date idea so to spend quality time together each other and appreciate the love you have together because simple is always better!

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