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The Most Unconventional and Exciting Things to Do in Frankfurt


The biggest and busiest city of Germany is called Frankfurt. Just like all great metropolitans in the world, the Frankfurt city also offers all types of great erotic entertainment and tourism activities. However, a massive number of tourists do not visit this city due to its run of the mill places to visit. There are some very unique and never before seen places in Frankfurt to visit. The tourists flock around these unusual places by thousands and share the memories with their friends and family. The usual things like restaurants, pubs, sports bars, and amusement parks are in abundance in Frankfurt.

 On the other hand, these wonders of the world are some places that cannot be found anywhere else in the whole world. Thanks to such places and tourist spots, more and more people want to visit the area as much as possible. Many media outlets also give coverage to these spots and the local tourist industry tries to advertise these places as much as possible. There are many places which can be seen only by the tourists who have experienced and dedicated guides. Anyone can go to a restaurant and enjoy the conventional fine dining experience. The tourists who are on a world tour would not want to miss out on these amazing attractions that can only be found and are native to the great city of Frankfurt.

The Most Unconventional Places to Not Miss At Frankfurt


  1. The Bockenheimer Warte Subway Station:

There is a place in Frankfurt that looks like a crash site. In reality the design is deliberate and quite interesting. There are very little masterpieces in the world that are like this. This place is called the Bockenheimer Warte Station. As visible from its name the place is a subway station designed by the infamous architect Zbigniew Peter Pininski. The idea behind making such a preposterous design lies in the history of the subway. On the outside this subway looks like a tram that has been jammed and crashed on the floor. Actually, this Tram is only the entrance and exit point of this subway. In 1980s there were a lot of controversies and issues faced by the administrative authorities about the approval of underground projects. Therefore, Pininski decided to create a masterpiece that brings down the tension and provide a chance for the Frankfurtians to smile. To this day, tourists from all over the world visit here and get puzzled by this subway.


  1. The Four Wishing Wells of Frankfurt:

The city of Frankfurt has a rich culture of art and tries to maintain its greatest pieces as the time passes. One such relic of not too distant past is the Frankfurt wishing wells. These four wells are consequently named: Marshall, Gutenberg, Opernplatz, and  Liebfrauenberg Brunnens (fountains). All of these four places are easily the most well-known and widely used landmarks that are used by the locals. When visiting a city it is difficult to miss going past at least one of these marvels of art. All the wishing wells are donned with bronze statues that represent thinkers, leaders, and philosophers. The design of these fountains is so popular that it has been copied by architects all over the world. The tourists are fond of buying special coins and putting in the well to make wishes and create happy memories. These wells are also depicted in works of literature all around the world as well.


  1. Eiserner Steg:

Those who are fond of wrestling and sports are definitely well-aware of this place. The Eiserner Steg is none other than the iron Bridge. This famous pedestrian cross has been the inspiration of many lovely movies and novels. The pedestrian bridge connects Sachsenhausen city and downtown. Everyday loads of people cross this bridge. The interesting point about this bridge is the presence of thousands of locks that are bound to its railings. As part of an old tradition, these locks are called love-locks and couples who are visiting the city bound them to the railing as a memento and symbol of their love. The locks are said to bring stronger bonds and more stability in the relationships. It is a great place to make a grand gesture and also some place to visit out of sheer curiosity.


  1. Luftbrückendenkmal:

From the ashes of the Cold war of West Berlin, the Berlin Airlift Monument or Luftbrückendenkmal is a place to visit atleast once in life. Most of the war crafts in the world are famous for their hits on other planes. However, the two planes C-54 and Douglas C-47 Dakota that are flanked at this monument are known as Candy bombers or Raisin Bombers. When the people of West Berlin were left in a rut by the Soviets in an attempt to take over the place, an urgent deposition of airlift operation was designed. The landing strip for this Airlift was built in a record 90 days and it hosted planes with massive amounts of rations and other aid supplements. The people who lost their lives in the unfortunate events have been mentioned on the monument. The central character of this historical place Colonel Gail Halvorsen, is remembered to this day as Onkel Wackelflugel or Uncle Wiggly Wings.


  1. IG Farben Haus:

This marvelous piece of architecture was once one of the fourth largest companies in the world. Built in 1930 by Hans Poelzig, this building was the dedicated headquarters of the German Chemical Conglomerate. Today, the place is used as a University. However, its history is filled with controversial stories. There have been massive operations of Nazi funding and also some very shady incidents related to the CIA. At first glance, the beholder can sense the idea of self-importance and dominance that is added as an intentional part of the architecture. Today the place is home to thousands of young German students and professors.


All of these great places are some of the places that are difficult to come by in any other part of the world. The German history is a topic that everyone takes a keen interest in. As for the tourists who want to find places of monumental importance this list certainly has a lot to offer.

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